News Blog and Interview-Links

21 January 2020: Publication of an Interview with Dagmar Neubronner together with ritual abuse survivor Sandra Rasch at

12 January 2020: Publication of an Interview for Unser Politikblog

30 December 2019: Publication of an Interview with Jo Conrad at

29 November 2019: Publication of an article under the title "CIA Kinderhandel: Neue FBI-Dokumente best├Ątigen Finders-Fall" (CIA child trafficking: New FBI documents confirm Finders-case) on

27 October 2019: "Dunkle Neue Weltordnung" (German version) is "Most successful book of the day" (Aufsteiger des Tages) at and reaches no. 28 of Amazon's bestseller list.

26 October 2019: Publication of an interview with Oliver Janich on Youtube.

23 October 019: On the US Amazon page at the search is automatically redirected from the author name "Marcel Polte" to "marvel poster". Kindle Direct Publishing Support explains this with an automatic spell check of the system. However, the name search worked before and a search with the author name "Maren Polte" does not redirect. After one week, the search now works again.

22 October 2019: Oliver Janich points out to the book in his Youtube video (see at minute 18:38). The number of hits for this video are (demonstrably) reduced by 7,000 clicks.

18 October 2019: Publication of an in-depth interview with Anna Maria August from on Youtube. Click numbers are demonstrably (screenshots) massively manipulated.

2 October 2019: Publication of the English version of the book ("Dark New World Order. Part 1") on

29 September 2019: Publication of the first part of an interview on the Youtube channel "AUFGEWACHT".

6 September 2019: Publication of an article under the title "Rituelle Gewalt und MKULTRA Mind Control: Die Beweise" (Ritual abuse and MKULTRA mind control: the proof) on

2 September 2019: The book can no longer be accessed on by searching by name or title. Old links still work. After informing Kindle Direct Publishing Support, the problem was solved within a few hours.

1 September 2019: Presentation of the book on the channel of Mariela (Youtube)

29 August 2019: Publication of the German version of my book ("Dunkle Neue Weltordnung. Teil 1") on