Time of Change

Since the 1950s, the CIA has been running a mind control program. These techniques have been used in satanic cults for much longer. How does all this fit together and what is the purpose behind it?

The time has come for humanity to become aware of the full extent of these crimes and of their background.

Part 1 of "Dark New World Order. MKULTRA Mind Control, Ritual Abuse and a Global Agenda" (English version) is available on amazon.com or your country's Amazon webpage.

Part 2 - The Puppet Masters and their Motives

The English version of Part 2 is now available on amazon.com or your country's Amazon webpage.

Non-Human Contact


Thousands of abduction cases by strange beings have been investigated in the USA since the 80s. Most witnesses describe gray entities with huge heads and large black slanted eyes. In "NON-HUMAN CONTACT. After The Pentagon's UFO Disclosure: What Do We Know?" Marcel Polte evaluates the outcome of about 40 years of intensive research in the field of ET contacts. The emerging pattern perfectly matches the findings from his own work with affected persons. As a result, the author emphasizes the mind-boggling significance of this so-called abduction research after the Pentagon has officially confirmed the existence of UFOs (UAPs) in 2021.

With a foreword by Kathleen Marden.

Available on amazon.com or your country's Amazon webpage.